Let’s face it, we all have confessions.  Some are outlandish!  Some we only think are outlandish!  Some are darn right silly, but can make us feel vulnerable non-the-less. Others, well, just might not be something we want to freely share, or we wish they were tattooed on our forehead. Confessions are our secrets.  These are some of mine, check back, I’ll be adding frequently. 

  • a home chef:  I’ve never poached an egg. 5-16-15
  • a foodie:  I DO NOT like lobster.  I think it is completely over-rated (in reality it is too sweet for my taste) 5-17-15

4 thoughts on “Confessions

    • Love, love, love grilled oysters. If you ever find yourself in Pensacola, Florida go to Peg Leg Pete’s and order the buffalo blue oysters. It may sound odd, but if you like “buffalo sauce” taste and blue cheese, even in the slightest, you will like these. Go take a chance!

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      • Actually I love raw oysters. If you really love oysters, you must go to Florianopolis in Brazil, they’ve a Fenaostra (Fair oysters). I went to this fair in 2011. I ate oysters the whole day. Also, beaches there are amazing and the city is lovely

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