The Find of a Lifetime!

Those who have known me for any length of time know I love the beach. I also love to walk the beach and have beachcombed my whole life; always looking for the treasure. When I was a pre-teen I found this:

I have NO IDEA what it is. I have been told it’s fossilized, most likely whale. (If you know or know someone who could tell me, that would be GREAT!) At any rate, I thought that would be the find of a lifetime. It may be, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Actually I was looking for REAL TREASURE. I was born and raised on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Named for the countless Spanish Galleons that lay sunk off her shores. I grew up hearing the tales and hoping to find my little piece. It never happened. 
As my love the of the beach and all things marine grew I longed to find certain items. Shells, of course, became a love. Heck! They are freakin’ everywhere! Shark’s theeth were also my my radar.  I mean, how cool are those? But, I never could find one. Then I wanted to find the illustrious whole sand dollar. Never could find one in my youth. Not too long ago I found one on the bayside of my Florida island. I was somewhat happy with the find… it was tiny, but I took it! 

Earlier this month I was once again combing the beach with a good friend of mine. I looked down and found another sand dollar! A little bigger than the last one, but still small in comparison to the broken monsters I see regularly on the beach. My friend found SIX. At that point I have to admit, I had a little butt hurt. I have walked that beach for HOURS and never found that many at once (or even ever for that matter… not including the ones I have seen SCUBA diving or snorkeling). While we were headed back, and I was inwardly pouting, that is when I saw it….. the granddaddy of them all. The treasure I have have been searching and searching for (not the gold), but the ever evasive (from me) SHARK’S TOOTH! 

It was just sitting there all by itself on the sand. I had to do a double take and then made some pretty excited exclamations that my friend swears people 3 blocks off the beach could hear. Sadly they weren’t family friendly. (Hey! To say I was EXCITED is an understatement). My husband asked if I did the dance. Yes, I did my excited dance. 

I have done some research. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it is of the Great White family. With it being black, it is fossilized and pretty damn old. (Upwards of at least 10,000 years, so my research tells me). All I do know for 100% certainty is that is it MINE! I FOUND IT and I am so stinkin’ thrilled! 
Sadly, I had to leave my beach home and head back to the mainland. I can not wait to go back. Yeah, I know I most likely will never find another one on my beach, but that won’t stop me from trying! I can. Not. Wait.


Shop the latest photo from TasteOfMyCrazyLife on Etsy

Was gonna donate this a while back but instead I Up cycled this wall shelf. It was dark and tired. New coat of paint and new back panel, it’s ready for gift wrapping! Have more projects like this in the queue for the shop! 

I left this as is cause the recipient is artistic and wanted to leave room for her to add her own touches for her baby’s nursery. 

That wasn’t Supposed to Happen Y’all!

I had very clear intentions for this project.  VERY clear.  I knew EXACTLY what it was gonna look like when I finished it. 

An now! 

This happened…

Let the Good Times Roll

Mardi Gras Wall Hanging

Pictures rarely give good glitter justice, and this is good glitter. I knew this project was going sideways after I finished the first letter. I’m fairly certain I’m poppin’ the clutch and moving on with plan ‘B’.  Once I figure out what that is 

The only thing I know for certain is plan ‘A’ is no longer moot.  Just gonna have to let this guys talk to me and tell me how to proceed.  

Let the good times roll my friends!

Heidi 🌴 

Taste of My Crazy Life (Etsy)

It finally feels right! 

I think I finally found the perfect solution for this blog.  (Shameless promotion of my Etsy  Store )

Please don’t get me wrong, I still love food, drink, and all things travel.  It just didn’t feel right to blog about them.  I hated the time it took away from my adventures and husband (the brief time he is home).  I felt guilty if I didn’t post.  Hated that I felt that way.  But, now that I FINALLY listened to those in my close circle and opened the Etsy store and started brushing the dust off my beloved materials; it feels right!  I blog now to share what I really want to, not what I thought I wanted to.  I LOVE to TALK to people about food.  I have a hard time conveying my passion for food in the written word.  My art work can speak for itself.

So, I’m sorry that you followed this “food and travel” blog only now to have it shift gears.  I can’t promise that I will be strictly sharing my creations in this space. After all, travel greatly shapes our creative spirit.  I brought home a lot of it from Cabo on my recent trip there.  Made earrings because of it.  Matter of fact, several projects have been started because of my travels to Cabo. Travel= inspiration !

I hope you guys stay with me on this new journey of mine.  If you don’t I completely understand! You can’t say I didn’t warn you though…. I wasn’t kidding about the “Crazy Life” part 😜 !  Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!  Back to the studio for me.

Finally cut bait!

My Etsy Shop

I finally did it.  If I waited until I was ready, it never would have happened.  So Today, March 18th, I have stepped out of my comfort zone.  I will share my story, maybe after the husband goes to work in a few days.  I have done a lot of soul searching and asked my self a lot of questions. I look forward to sharing them with you soon.  But for today, I made this earrings just so I could open the shop.  It was a big step for me.  So used to making things only to eventually break them down again and make something else.  Hopefully someone out there will find these as reminiscent of the beach as I do. 

Taking steps out of my comfort zone!  I present to you ‘My Bathroom Door’

Remember in my last post I mentioned a project that I made/designed that I was super proud of? One was a barn door for our beach condo. Thought I’d share it with ya tonight. 

Ya see, I done up and told people on my Facebook that I was gonna start sharing my creations with the world. So why not start with something I am very comfortable sharing… I LOVE this door. I can not take credit for actually putting it together. My tools and such were 300 miles away so my friend made all the cuts and actually constructed it. I, however, did pick the wood, designed the door, and treated the wood. It was burned and stained. (I was really going for a castaway feel) I had so much fun creating this project and thrilled with the results.   Dare I say “proud” of it! 
I will eventually put my face and name to this blog 😱. That scares the crap outta me! So sharing my bathroom door is a baby step. I have to start somewhere…. Right?! 
Today I went out and invested in some supplies for my Etsy shop. Just a few knick knacks to get me started. I am still dreaming up designs. I guess the other thing I really need to do is ‘reintroduce’ myself. You all have access to the ‘I love to travel and foodie’ side of me (the original intent of this blog). You haven’t met the “art studio basement dweller” side of me! (ALthough, I have been showing that side here lately) Both actually go hand in hand, but that is another story! Baby steps y’all.  I am out of comfort zone!