About Me (revision #1/many I’m sure)

I woke up one day and said “Maybe I should start a blog” .  I have no idea what I’m doing.  I have no idea where this will lead.

If you love food, sharing good recipes, good restaurants, travel, warm ocean waters, family mixed in with a little fitness and clean eating, then we have something in common!  Stick around while I  navigate the waters of my crazy life.

We don’t ever stop growing and changing so is “About Me” page will change and evolve as well.  But, I thought it best if you knew a little more about me.  Let’s start with the foodie aspect of me.  

  • I am a food snob but don’t like pretentiousness in my food.   I would rather eat amazing food off a paper plate than pretty crap off of china eaten with a silver fork
  • I don’t like cilantro 
  • sushi is bait where I come from
  • I love fish, shrimp, and crab, but not a fan of lobster or craw-fish.  The latter is just too sweet
  • I’m not the reason the rum is goneI’m never out of it. I have a well stocked bar, but only drink on occasion
  • Pineapple is my absolute favorite fruit ever.
  • Give me pineapple, coconut, and rum together, I just might be able to be bought.

I think that is enough for the time being.

Salud for now!  


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