The 10 day fast that wasn’t…

We last left off with me rocking the 3 day fast that turned into an intended 10 day fast, that wound up being a 7 day fast. It broke not because I wanted to, I woke up to my husband texting me telling me he was in the hospital with a GI bleed. I had to pack up and make the 4 hour drive home (I was out of town). I had horror stories of people having upset if they just broke a fast and started eating real food quickly….. the warning was to have a toilet near-by. That wasn’t possible so I invested in a few store bough juices and made the trek home.

Long story short, he stayed in the hospital 5 days. I broke my fast during this time. I managed no GI upset by eating as clean as possible in a “take-out” situation. I succeeded thanks to Chinese restaurants. I ordered stir fried veggies, no sauce, and no rice along with soup and salad from an American chain that specializes in that kinda food. It worked. Fast broken with no upset and I ate as clean as possible. My body craved the fruits and veggies and I wasn’t tempted in the least to eat other non nutritionally beneficial food.

It was during his hospital stay that my husband noticed something. I had just finished my shower and had changed out of my baggy travel clothes to my comfy yoga pants when he exclaimed “YOUR ASS! You’ve lost weight!” Now we have no scale in the condo and I didn’t take any body measurements prior to starting this. Weight loss was not a goal just a happy unintended consequence. But when I got home from finishing up my business in Florida I hopped on the scale….. I had lost between 5-8 pounds. I’m not sure of the total because I’m not sure of my starting number, so going by the heaviest I weighed this summer and no weight loss attempt it is fair to say I lost 8 pounds! I do know that I lost girth for sure. Jeans I squeezed into just two weeks earlier aren’t as uncomfortable.

The darling husband left this morning for work. He will be gone 7 days. I am on my second juice of the day and planning my yummy dinner (told you I love to eat). But juicing while he is gone is too darn easy. Few dishes, easy clean up, and it just seems to fit for right now. One well planed meal a day with healthy snacks through out the day is the goal while he is gone. Juice for the rest of the time. It’s not a starvation plan…. my juice for lunch today has lettuce, tomato, carrots, summer squashes, celery and cucumber. My morning juice had orange, beet and an apple. My snack will be almonds and pecans. Dinner? Im thinking steak salad or maybe pork and beans (if I get the beans cooked fast enough) . I promise you I’m NOT hungry through out the day. And my juices are yummy.

Will I fast again? Probably, it really all depends if I fall back into old comfort food, crappy eating habits. But right now my body wants and craves the juice. Therefore, it will get the juice. But I also like to chew, I miss the chewing when fasting…. so yeah, This girl gotta chew, hence dinner tonight!

As a final thought, I have done TONS of reading here lately and I’m about to commence an experiment. I have had thyroid nodes for years. I have read countless stories of people shrinking them. I have my supplements ordered and will, until my next endocrinology appointment, take them and see if it has any effect on my thyroid. I will also be avoiding known foods that interfere with iodine uptake. I’ll be curious what will happen. So, stay tuned!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!


Just Test Driving the “Crazy” Part of My Life…

Before you roll your eyes just hear me out first… THEN you can roll your eyes and call me crazy in comments. 

This is a post I never saw coming, but here I am, about to talk about my ‘juice fast’.  No, this isn’t some diet fad I thought I would try.  It’s so much more than that.   I have slowly progressed to shopping the perimeter at the grocery store for the last 10 years. I don’t eat a whole lot of processed foods, but that doesn’t mean my nutrition is always good.  I fall back into very bad habits when I am in the need of ‘comfort food’.  Those lovely high sodium, high fat, high sugar treats…. corn chips and queso, anything covered in gravy, homemade cookies, hot chocolate, anything covered in melted cheese…. You see where this is going don’t you?  

This past year I have been denied the pleasure of working out due to a back injury (which I had JUST recovered from when…) I blew out my knee.  Hello surgery. UGH! So needless to say I turned to HORRIBLE nutrition, bathed in those comfort foods. Wallowed in chocolate chip cookies, Jello with Cool Whip, chips and cheese, potato chips and dip….. FRIES dipped in RANCH DRESSING.  I was a nutritional train wreck, which got me to today.   I was  FEELING like crap. I knew I had to make a change because I really like the way an active lifestyle, and good nutrition me feel like, and she had left the building. 

I’ve toyed with the idea before but never followed through.  I often thought that juicing was a diet fad and I want nothing to do with those! I wanted something that would be part of the lifestyle change I had made years ago when I really started to focus on clean eating. (Y’all, I can put away a steak so please don’t picture someone who is suffering with clean eating.  I do love my veggies and fruit next to my big ol’ steak). I don’t eat steak often, I actually prefer seafood if I had to choose.  So then, what finally made me do this?   A friend of mine showed me a Netflix movie about a  FAT guy juicing for 60 days to help heal his SICK body that didn’t want to end up DEAD (I’ve given you enough clues to figure out the movie).  I watched the story unfold.  I knew straight away that he would lose weight,  restrict calories = weight loss. It’s elementary science.  But I paid attention to other things like: his completion, his hair, his attitude and mental clarity.  All of it improved! Not only with him, but another fella he guided along his journey.  They both lost weight But MORE IMPORTANTLY they were able to be free from the pile of pills they took each day, they LOOKED healthier and felt healthier.  NOW THAT is what I was after.  I had that not too long ago in the height of my clean eating and workout lifestyle. I want it back TODAY!  Enter juicing stage left…. 

There is no faster way to flood your body with pure, RAW (which any nutritional expert will tell you is the best) nutrients.  For example, my afternoon snack has 3 huge carrots, 2 apples and an inch long piece of ginger.  Under no circumstances would I eat that as a snack.  First off that is a meal to me.  And I could never just chew ginger.  I like both apples and carrots, but I don’t LOVE them.  I know they are super healthy for me, but still…. and ginger… not really a fan.  Here’s the funny thing.  I blend those ingredients into a juicer and I LIKE this juice.  I have had juices at juice bars and I am not a fan.  But my snack today… I can drink that all day long.  Matter of fact I drank beets yesterday and  liked it.  My loved ones know how much I HATE beets.  So if I can gain the nutritional properties of these RAW fruits and veggies that under normal circumstances I won’t eat…. Juice away Baby!

I have NO DESIRE to to this ‘juice fast’ for 30 days, there really is no need.  I will, however, be doing the juice only fast for 3 days to re-wire my taste buds. (Oh geeze, I craved bacon day one…. Pecans this morning) Starting day 4 I will be juicing for breakfast and lunch and eating a healthy salad for dinner.  With a nice piece of grilled grouper or maybe some shrimp on top.  I am too much of a foodie to let go of the bounty that God and nature intended me to nourish my body with. I may do that for an additional 10 days and then juice only one meal after that. Our bodies were designed, after all, to chew and digest fiber and food. So the bottom line is I am adding juicing as part of my normal nutritional practices and I KNOW I will be healthier for it. 

I will follow up this post with progress of how I am feeling and what juices I prefer.  (Call it a journal if you will).  I want to chart this course and see what happens… 

Take care kind folks who suffered through this entry to the end!  I love ya for it! 

Broken Shells and Redemption 

Why do I use broken shells? To be honest, it took me 46 years to appreciate broken shells. I am a perfectionist when it comes to myself. I hold my self and the things I do artistically to an impossible standard. So, if I were to use shells they could only be perfect! Broken ones were useless.

The perfect shell.

Enter Redemption… 
It can mean so much to so many people. I was reminded of redemption in the strangest place. 

I was walking along the beach, the conditions weren’t that picturesque, matter of fact they were darn right nasty. Tons of June grass (technically it’s algae) and slugs littered the surf line, biting flies and the smell was horrible. It was just gross all the way around. But, I love the beach. It is my sanctuary, my free therapy. And, as most beach lovers know, a bad day at the beach beats any day at home. Anyways, I was walking the beach and picking up shells. It was while I was picking shells out of dried up, stinky, dead slug infested ‘seaweed’ when I was struck with a huge personal revelation. It happened as I for the umpteenth time picked up what I thought was a perfect shell, only to clean it off, turn it over, and find it broken. Thats when it hit me square in the face…. redemption.

I am that shell. Covered in disgusting filth, but I have been picked up, cleaned off, and turned over. Have you ever really looked at a broken shell? There is beauty in that brokenness. You can see the heart of whats inside that is usually hidden beneath that shell. Some of the broken edges are sharp and jagged, but then there are parts that are so polished they shine! Those qualities juxtapose each other and offer artistry that only nature can create. So, while the world can look at a broken shell and only see a broken shell, I am reminded of the beauty and worth that redemption gave me. Looking deep beneath that shell to realize that I am loved, cherished enough to be made flawless in my own brokenness.

Beauty in Brokenness

So all that lead me to this 

It is the first of many projects that will feature or include broken shells.  I am excited and look forward to what is to come. 

Have a wonderful day guys… 

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Until next time! 


Confessions of…(#21)

A Zydeco Fan.

On a recent trip trip to New Orleans it took me several days walking around the French Quarter to figure out what was missing.

On my last tour of the city in 1999 there was a sound in the air that carried you down the street with toes tapping. It was infectious and blaring out of multiple stores on every block!  That Cajun beat possessed your soul and caused anyone who heard it to dance down the street. It made the NoLa’s atmosphere as unique as the cuisine.

On my third day I realized that the toe tappin’, movin’ and groovin’ atmosphere has slipped away. Don’t get me wrong, jazz is still there and in the air, but that unmistakable sound of zydeco is just a whisper.  I heard that whisper coming from The Krazy Korner on Bourbon Street.  Drawn in by the sound of a washboard being slayed; I heard  The Daywalkers.  This band was closest thing to zydeco I had heard the whole trip. I could have stayed and listened to them for hours, but I had to leave to position myself for the Mardi Gras parade that was winding itself through The Big Easy.  On my way out of the bar I did purchase one of their newly released CD’s.


listen here

Curious about the lack of zydeco in the city I asked the bellman at my hotel.  When I questioned him where it went he got a very pensive look on his face.  He slowly looked up at me and said that it had been years since  he had heard it abundantly in city. There was sadness when he realized it was round about the time Hurricane Katrina rolled through and darn near destroyed the city.  New Orleans suffered a great deal, I just hope that wonderful Cajun beat finds itself a home again in The Big Easy… I sure did miss it!


Confessions of…(#18)

a heartbroken daughter.

My father passed away 21 years ago.  I was 23. My heart shattered.

To this day I still grieve. How could I not, no other man would love me like he did. I don’t have any lofty, fairly tale, white knight imagery of this love either. We had our ups and downs and he could be darn right mean, but he was my daddy and I was his little girl.
When he died I was just starting to get things right. I was a young mother and on my second marriage when he left us. As much as I screwed things up from the ages of 18-23 I made up for in spades as a wife and mother. I have homeschooled two amazing daughters that are currently in college and killing it. (Both on scholarship and both debt free. I couldn’t be more proud) My husband and I have been happily married for 21 years now. He is a good man and wonderful father.
We have taken every bit of financial advice he ever gave (my father was a CPA by profession) and built our lives on that. We are debt free and have a a comfortable retirement plan in place. His fingerprints are all over our lives and he is missing it. I can’t write him and tell him how much I appreciate him and the impact he has had on our lives and our daughter’s lives. I can’t thank him.
Most days it’s not a big deal. I don’t sit and pine away everyday longing to see him. But, it’s days like today, when big things happen in our family and I want to share the joy of it with him. Today my oldest daughter is starting her last year of earning her master’s. She is debt free and on track to graduate with a 4.0. My youngest landed a job in her new town that pays better than the job she left here at home. My daddy would be so proud. I just wish I had the chance to tell him and see the look of pride on his face. I can picture it, but it’s just not the same. It’s just a void, a giant deafening black hole where his cheering section used to be.

Confessions of…(#17)

a woman, a mother, a wife.

This is my husband’s office. Yes, he is a pilot. Yes, he is gone… a lot! Yes, we are married, but I refuse to identify myself as a “pilot’s wife”. I hear it more than I care to.  

Our lifestyles are very different than most. I, many times over the years, have referred to myself as a single, married mother. I spend over half of the month away from my husband. I knew the chances of this happening well before we were married. I knew what I was getting into when I said “I do”. I knew his days of being home every night weren’t going to last forever. In fact, they only lasted about 7 months after we were wed. The first time he left home for work he was gone 6 to 8 weeks. That was one heck-of-a initiation into the pilot family lifestyle. Go ahead, ask me about my appendectomy!  It’s a darn good thing I am an independent woman who can run a household and take care of herself and any little grandiose emergency that pops up when the hubby is away. Murphy lives in the basement and comes out to play as soon as the pilot is away!  The further away from home the bigger the mess.  

What I can’t stand, and didn’t anticipate, is the label that came with it…. “pilot’s wife”. I am many things including a former homeschooling mom, a darn good cook, a sharp shooter, talented, fun, out going, a bit shy when meeting new people. Why is his profession so different that the wives are identified as being a pilot’s wife? I am more than being married to what he does. 
I never heard anyone refer to my mother as a CPA’s wife. How about my brother’s wife? She’s an aquatics director’s wife. Seriously! It drives me a bit batty. I could say “frost my jets” but that might be taking it a bit too far.  😉


So This Happened Today…Thanks to YOU!  

So, when I woke up and thought “Maybe I should start a blog” I couldn’t have done it at the worst possible time. I was in no position to do so. I was about to enter the busiest time of my life. Three major vacations (two international), moving my youngest off to her rental house at collage, and running the household all in a three month period. My schedule was INSANE! I flat out didn’t have time required to dedicate to a blog, but I did it anyway. More out of ignorance than anything else. I had NO CLUE what blogging required and I fully admit that I post more than I interact and reach out. Heck! I just feel accomplished if I publish a post. Most are written in haste. Including this one. 

When I first started I never expected to get these little “awards” that WordPress gives out. I never really expected anything. I picked my host because my daughter used them. I thought I would enter the white noise of the internet and go totally unnoticed. I never expected people to LIKE it, let alone FOLLOW me. I am humbled and a bit ashamed because I know I haven’t given you my best. My “Confessions” were the vehicle to reach out and show my underbelly . The real me. Just to connect, just to post something! Those post are actually the easiest to write. I take what I’m feeling in that moment and post it. It was/is a way to make this whole thing a habit. And Confession time, I think they have become my favorite posts! 

Oddly enough I haven’t really made any post, with exception of my first one about “The Pot”, that is remotely what I originally intended. I envisioned my blog to be food related. But then our travel started and I used it as a way to journal our adventures. I haven’t even shared HALF of those tidbits.  I hope to eventually.

Right now, I’d like to take the time to say “Thank you”. Thank you for showing an interest, thank you for the likes, the comments (there are a few…..whaaaaaaaaa!!!!…. I actually got some!) I have a few more weeks before I settle into my new normal as a retired lady a leisure! That is another blog post all together! However, once settled in I promise you will receive my best. I may even step out of the old comfort zone and post things I NEVER intended!!! Who knows? Just know that I appreciate the time you take to enter my little world and acknowledge my insanity. After all, this post wouldn’t exist without YOU!