“I’ll re-tool you!”

I hear that line from Christmas Vacation every time I think about changing the focus of my studio! Every. Time 🤣

I am about to put all the jewelry supplies up and focus on my shells. I see wreaths and other home accessories in the very near future! I just want to create a few more pieces for myself before that happens.  

Check out what what’s left here. Got a few items that would be great for Mother’s Day!


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With Easter on the brain, I remembered about the bunnies I used to embroider. I dug through my supplies and found this guy! I also found head, legs, and arms for at least one complete bunny. I have a road trip coming up. Guess I’ll be stitching one up!

Taking steps out of my comfort zone!  I present to you ‘My Bathroom Door’

Remember in my last post I mentioned a project that I made/designed that I was super proud of? One was a barn door for our beach condo. Thought I’d share it with ya tonight. 

Ya see, I done up and told people on my Facebook that I was gonna start sharing my creations with the world. So why not start with something I am very comfortable sharing… I LOVE this door. I can not take credit for actually putting it together. My tools and such were 300 miles away so my friend made all the cuts and actually constructed it. I, however, did pick the wood, designed the door, and treated the wood. It was burned and stained. (I was really going for a castaway feel) I had so much fun creating this project and thrilled with the results.   Dare I say “proud” of it! 
I will eventually put my face and name to this blog 😱. That scares the crap outta me! So sharing my bathroom door is a baby step. I have to start somewhere…. Right?! 
Today I went out and invested in some supplies for my Etsy shop. Just a few knick knacks to get me started. I am still dreaming up designs. I guess the other thing I really need to do is ‘reintroduce’ myself. You all have access to the ‘I love to travel and foodie’ side of me (the original intent of this blog). You haven’t met the “art studio basement dweller” side of me! (ALthough, I have been showing that side here lately) Both actually go hand in hand, but that is another story! Baby steps y’all.  I am out of comfort zone! 

It Doesn’t Look Like Much

I’ve been in some sort of limbo for about two years now.  I started this blog as a means to ‘find’ my old creative self.  It didn’t work.  Mainly because I’m not a writer, I’m a foodie and “artist” at heart.  The other day I was compelled to make a hair clip. I wear them a lot in the winter and couldn’t really find any.  Very long story short…. that 5 minute act of making that clip re-ignited a very old flame.  In the past I used to stay up long hours of the night making things… be it stained glass, clothes for my daughters, art for the house.  Didn’t really matter what I was doing, I would stay up burning the midnight oil, and I loved it.  Not sure when or why, but that came to a stop. 

This past summer I started experimenting with an art project.  I had the full intention of finishing that project once we relocated back home.  Then I realized how much of a mess it made and with winter closing in, doing it outside or inside was not an option.  I fell back into a slump.  Then came the clip.  A simple 5 minute project.  

I have pulled out supplies that have been tucked away for YEARS! I have made several more clips and my daughters, who have been telling me for years to open an Etsy shop, have finally convinced me to take the leap and open up that shop.  I am kind of apprehensive about it; I am so very critical of my own work.  I find the tiniest flaw in everything I do.  I will work on getting over that.  

But for now, I am back in my studio dusting off the cobwebs of  my artistic side.  It’s coming back, and it feels so good.  The other night I was dreaming projects.  Can’t remember the last time I dreamed creative dreams like that.  I have missed it, more than I thought.  I have an almost 12 foot craft table that has held ‘stuff’ for the last 10 years.  It’s about to get purged and cleaned off… This girl is back and ready to get back at it!  

Confessions of…(#16)

Today was the first time I have stayed home all day and not gone anywhere in over a month. I am not ashamed to admit I am still in my pajamas and have zero intention of getting out of them. I have enjoyed the passing storms and watched movies in bed all day long. It was wonderful.  

Tomorrow I start the massive clean up and reorganization of the house, but for tonight, I lounge…. You can’t stop me. 😉

Careful What you Demand. You are Replaceable.

Long years ago, my daddy said “No one is irreplaceable.”  I was roughly 16 years old and a bit too big for my britches at work. I was working as a cashier in a hometown drug store. I saw others scoot by doing minimal effort while I was giving 110%.  I never called in sick, showed up early, and left once everything was done.  That same daddy instilled one heck of a work ethic.  I remember starting to get a little bit conceited.  After all I was the best worker they had.  LOOK at what I was giving them of me.  Surely they had found the best employee ever!

One day I came home from work frustrated and venting.  Daddy asked what the issues were and I told him.  Of course to me, at that time, these “issues” at work were HUGE.  In reality, there were merely everyday life.  Some folks work hard, others don’t. You know, the old run-of-the-mill slackers and under achievers, how do they even keep their jobs?!!? My daddy listened to my rant.  I was convinced I was some sort of victim and deserved a raise.  I certainly was worth more than Joe Slacker over there, leaning up against that Coke machine, flirting with every girl that walked into the store. Daddy nodded silently as my rant ranted on. Once I was finished he looked me square in the face (I was ready for the validation) and said “You better tread lightly, No one is irreplaceable.”

Of course that statement slapped me across the face, but he was right.  He went on to explain that I was one in a million teens desperate for a job.  That while I may be a fantastic worker. I could be replaced by another warm body.  My job wasn’t a skilled position.  Anyone could do it.  As much as I hated what was flowing from his mouth, I knew he was right.

It’s now some long years later and here in the US we have low level employees (the same level I was at when I was 16) DEMANDING $15.00 an hour.  They are worth that much!  While I agree humans, in and of themselves are worth far more, the job you are doing is not.  And you would be wise to heed my father’s advice.  Because you too are REPLACEABLE.  Think not?  Let me introduce to you your replacement.  Here is the best part…  Your replacement will never be late, never backtalk, never give attitude, wont call in sick, and won’t demand a raise, sick days, vacation, or any other time off. PLUS, your replacement is multi-lingual.

Curious yet?  I met your replacement in Paris! Sleek and easy, gets the job done efficiently.wpid-20150604_052549.jpgThat’s right.  This is your replacement.  Found these treasures at a McDonald’s in Paris.  We don’t have these in our neck of the woods yet, I am sure they are coming. We do live in a rural area, not known to be first in the techno world.

It’s a bit sad really, but I understand the move to kiosks.  Cuts labor cost across the board, as a business owner it makes sense. Heck, kiosks sped up our standing in line at the airport to an absolute minimum.  So you can’t argue the speed at which they get things done.  Yes, in the end you loose the personal touch and it does replace (or displace) a large section of humans that need the life experience and money from working those low level positions that many use as a stepping stone into adulthood and the real world, but that job isn’t worth $15.00 and hour. When I saw these kiosks in Paris I kept hearing my daddy’s voice in my head. “No one is irreplaceable.”