Broken Shells and Redemption 

Why do I use broken shells? To be honest, it took me 46 years to appreciate broken shells. I am a perfectionist when it comes to myself. I hold my self and the things I do artistically to an impossible standard. So, if I were to use shells they could only be perfect! Broken ones were useless.

The perfect shell.

Enter Redemption… 
It can mean so much to so many people. I was reminded of redemption in the strangest place. 

I was walking along the beach, the conditions weren’t that picturesque, matter of fact they were darn right nasty. Tons of June grass (technically it’s algae) and slugs littered the surf line, biting flies and the smell was horrible. It was just gross all the way around. But, I love the beach. It is my sanctuary, my free therapy. And, as most beach lovers know, a bad day at the beach beats any day at home. Anyways, I was walking the beach and picking up shells. It was while I was picking shells out of dried up, stinky, dead slug infested ‘seaweed’ when I was struck with a huge personal revelation. It happened as I for the umpteenth time picked up what I thought was a perfect shell, only to clean it off, turn it over, and find it broken. Thats when it hit me square in the face…. redemption.

I am that shell. Covered in disgusting filth, but I have been picked up, cleaned off, and turned over. Have you ever really looked at a broken shell? There is beauty in that brokenness. You can see the heart of whats inside that is usually hidden beneath that shell. Some of the broken edges are sharp and jagged, but then there are parts that are so polished they shine! Those qualities juxtapose each other and offer artistry that only nature can create. So, while the world can look at a broken shell and only see a broken shell, I am reminded of the beauty and worth that redemption gave me. Looking deep beneath that shell to realize that I am loved, cherished enough to be made flawless in my own brokenness.

Beauty in Brokenness

So all that lead me to this 

It is the first of many projects that will feature or include broken shells.  I am excited and look forward to what is to come. 

Have a wonderful day guys… 

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The start of my Redemption: Beauty in Brokenness ‘series’. I’m looking forward to sharing with you why I use broken shells and the personal story behind it. Just a sneak peek…. a few more shells to go!
Have a wonderful week!

Sometimes Things Just Happen

This little guy is one of them.  

There are days I really have no idea what will come off my finger tips.  I was toying around in my studio with some materials that were laying around. Next thing I know, this happened.  I thought it was cute and decided “Why not?” So I made a barrette. 

My family has a fondness for sea turtles so that might be why I enjoy this piece so much.  We almost always see sea turtles when we SCUBA dive. But most importantly, sea turtles connect us to my nephew Braxton. He got his angel wings about 13 years ago.  We think of him with every sea turtle sighting. 

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Have a blessed weekend guys! 

“I’ll re-tool you!”

I hear that line from Christmas Vacation every time I think about changing the focus of my studio! Every. Time 🤣

I am about to put all the jewelry supplies up and focus on my shells. I see wreaths and other home accessories in the very near future! I just want to create a few more pieces for myself before that happens.  

Check out what what’s left here. Got a few items that would be great for Mother’s Day!

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With Easter on the brain, I remembered about the bunnies I used to embroider. I dug through my supplies and found this guy! I also found head, legs, and arms for at least one complete bunny. I have a road trip coming up. Guess I’ll be stitching one up!

Taking steps out of my comfort zone!  I present to you ‘My Bathroom Door’

Remember in my last post I mentioned a project that I made/designed that I was super proud of? One was a barn door for our beach condo. Thought I’d share it with ya tonight. 

Ya see, I done up and told people on my Facebook that I was gonna start sharing my creations with the world. So why not start with something I am very comfortable sharing… I LOVE this door. I can not take credit for actually putting it together. My tools and such were 300 miles away so my friend made all the cuts and actually constructed it. I, however, did pick the wood, designed the door, and treated the wood. It was burned and stained. (I was really going for a castaway feel) I had so much fun creating this project and thrilled with the results.   Dare I say “proud” of it! 
I will eventually put my face and name to this blog 😱. That scares the crap outta me! So sharing my bathroom door is a baby step. I have to start somewhere…. Right?! 
Today I went out and invested in some supplies for my Etsy shop. Just a few knick knacks to get me started. I am still dreaming up designs. I guess the other thing I really need to do is ‘reintroduce’ myself. You all have access to the ‘I love to travel and foodie’ side of me (the original intent of this blog). You haven’t met the “art studio basement dweller” side of me! (ALthough, I have been showing that side here lately) Both actually go hand in hand, but that is another story! Baby steps y’all.  I am out of comfort zone!