Sometimes Things Just Happen

This little guy is one of them.  

There are days I really have no idea what will come off my finger tips.  I was toying around in my studio with some materials that were laying around. Next thing I know, this happened.  I thought it was cute and decided “Why not?” So I made a barrette. 

My family has a fondness for sea turtles so that might be why I enjoy this piece so much.  We almost always see sea turtles when we SCUBA dive. But most importantly, sea turtles connect us to my nephew Braxton. He got his angel wings about 13 years ago.  We think of him with every sea turtle sighting. 

My Etsy store has this listing.

Have a blessed weekend guys! 


That wasn’t Supposed to Happen Y’all!

I had very clear intentions for this project.  VERY clear.  I knew EXACTLY what it was gonna look like when I finished it. 

An now! 

This happened…

Let the Good Times Roll

Mardi Gras Wall Hanging

Pictures rarely give good glitter justice, and this is good glitter. I knew this project was going sideways after I finished the first letter. I’m fairly certain I’m poppin’ the clutch and moving on with plan ‘B’.  Once I figure out what that is 

The only thing I know for certain is plan ‘A’ is no longer moot.  Just gonna have to let this guys talk to me and tell me how to proceed.  

Let the good times roll my friends!

Heidi 🌴 

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