I am an Imposter

Or so my daughter says so. Actually, what she said was that I suffer from Imposter’s Syndrome. Either way I hesitate to call myself an ‘artist’. I hear the word and I imagine the likes of Monet, Van Gogh, da Vinci. I have always called myself “A kid with a crayon”. Primarily because when I sit down to create something I don’t always have a clear image in my brain of what it will look like. And even if I “nail it”, it never looks as good as I pictured in my head. (perfectionist talking) Doesn’t matter that it looks pretty good. I will always find flaws in my work. I am learning to let that go and just let my fingers create. Often my husband asks “Whatcha gonna make today?” Often, my answer is “Whatever, comes off the fingers.”

Island Girl Barrett

This barrette falls in that category. I love the look of burlap/jute and just about anything that sparkles, glitters, shines, or shimmers. Put all those together and it just makes me smile. I was playing with some polymer clay and knew that I wanted to mix all these colors and textures together. I used a brown polymer clay as the base and decided to dust it with pearl green pigment powder. Added the burlap, shells and coated the whole thing in liquid polymer clay. After the required bake time and cooling I coated the shells with a gloss top coat and applied a gold leafing wax to the burlap.
All of these products were new to me and I learned so much from the process. Ultimately I love the way it looks. The burlap reminds me of the bags of oysters I had seen growing up along the coast of Florida and Alabama. Shells always take me home to my beloved beach.
You can find the barrette for sale HERE in my Etsy store.
Thanks for letting me share a little of me with you! Have a blessed rest of the day.



Taking steps out of my comfort zone!  I present to you ‘My Bathroom Door’

Remember in my last post I mentioned a project that I made/designed that I was super proud of? One was a barn door for our beach condo. Thought I’d share it with ya tonight. 

Ya see, I done up and told people on my Facebook that I was gonna start sharing my creations with the world. So why not start with something I am very comfortable sharing… I LOVE this door. I can not take credit for actually putting it together. My tools and such were 300 miles away so my friend made all the cuts and actually constructed it. I, however, did pick the wood, designed the door, and treated the wood. It was burned and stained. (I was really going for a castaway feel) I had so much fun creating this project and thrilled with the results.   Dare I say “proud” of it! 
I will eventually put my face and name to this blog 😱. That scares the crap outta me! So sharing my bathroom door is a baby step. I have to start somewhere…. Right?! 
Today I went out and invested in some supplies for my Etsy shop. Just a few knick knacks to get me started. I am still dreaming up designs. I guess the other thing I really need to do is ‘reintroduce’ myself. You all have access to the ‘I love to travel and foodie’ side of me (the original intent of this blog). You haven’t met the “art studio basement dweller” side of me! (ALthough, I have been showing that side here lately) Both actually go hand in hand, but that is another story! Baby steps y’all.  I am out of comfort zone! 

It Really is Insane

I am not sure what it is in my personality that drives my particular brand of insanity. It is quite nerve wrecking actually. I am either all in, or not at all. For the last two years I have been struggling with what to do. I didn’t waste those two years. I just wasn’t productive much at all. I did finish an interior renovation, but that was it (a 6 week job at the most). I did A LOT of exhaling. Then I got bored. That is never good. 
About 2 weeks ago I entered my basement studio. A place I have neglected and essentially abandoned, for no real reason. I made a barrette, a simple hair clip. What has followed has been overwhelming! My creative brain has turned on (I am literally dreaming projects) and now everywhere I look I see things that need to be done (household purge) and projects that need to be created! Three weeks ago I was overwhelmed by boredom and today I have so many thing to do and create that my laser focus is suffering from ADHD! I have 4 projects laying out and at least 3 more in the queue. My lists have lists!   
But I did manage to squeeze out a project for my home (usually I make things as gifts) but THIS, is for me! Last year my hubs and I went to Mardi Gras in both NOLA and Panama City Beach , Florida. We came home with more beads that I knew what to do with. After taking down Christmas I was wanting color and decorations…. It’s Mardi Gras season! Why not put out the beads? As I was stringing bead necklaces up around the house inspiration hit! Ask the hubs if he would mind if I cut up some of our beads for a project. He said sure! 

This is what my project looks like currently.  It’s not finished yet.  Still have to frame it and add a few more beads, but I am thrilled with the way it has turned out as of right now.  I struggle with finding fault in all that I do.  Last summer was the first time I ever made anything that I stood back and was 100% proud of what I had made (thats another post for another time).  I am learning to give myself grace.  This piece is not perfect I see room for improvement but even in all its flaws I LOVE IT! Much to my surprise my hubs wants to display it year round.  He wouldn’t do that if he really didn’t like it. 

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Looking forward to spending it with one of my gal pals!  

It Doesn’t Look Like Much

I’ve been in some sort of limbo for about two years now.  I started this blog as a means to ‘find’ my old creative self.  It didn’t work.  Mainly because I’m not a writer, I’m a foodie and “artist” at heart.  The other day I was compelled to make a hair clip. I wear them a lot in the winter and couldn’t really find any.  Very long story short…. that 5 minute act of making that clip re-ignited a very old flame.  In the past I used to stay up long hours of the night making things… be it stained glass, clothes for my daughters, art for the house.  Didn’t really matter what I was doing, I would stay up burning the midnight oil, and I loved it.  Not sure when or why, but that came to a stop. 

This past summer I started experimenting with an art project.  I had the full intention of finishing that project once we relocated back home.  Then I realized how much of a mess it made and with winter closing in, doing it outside or inside was not an option.  I fell back into a slump.  Then came the clip.  A simple 5 minute project.  

I have pulled out supplies that have been tucked away for YEARS! I have made several more clips and my daughters, who have been telling me for years to open an Etsy shop, have finally convinced me to take the leap and open up that shop.  I am kind of apprehensive about it; I am so very critical of my own work.  I find the tiniest flaw in everything I do.  I will work on getting over that.  

But for now, I am back in my studio dusting off the cobwebs of  my artistic side.  It’s coming back, and it feels so good.  The other night I was dreaming projects.  Can’t remember the last time I dreamed creative dreams like that.  I have missed it, more than I thought.  I have an almost 12 foot craft table that has held ‘stuff’ for the last 10 years.  It’s about to get purged and cleaned off… This girl is back and ready to get back at it!  

West Bound Train!


All aboard!

Look, I know it’s cliche, but what else are you supposed to say when you start a two day train journey?  I have never spent more than two hours on a train.  This time it will be two days!  I have a sleeper room and absolutely no idea what to expect.

The first leg of our journey starts flying from Alabama to Chicago, riding the rails from Chicago to Seattle, then we head south by rail to San Francisco!  I am so excited!

I will actually be able to take you guys along with us on our journey.  Hope you come along!

We fly out March 18!

Confessions of…(#21)

A Zydeco Fan.

On a recent trip trip to New Orleans it took me several days walking around the French Quarter to figure out what was missing.

On my last tour of the city in 1999 there was a sound in the air that carried you down the street with toes tapping. It was infectious and blaring out of multiple stores on every block!  That Cajun beat possessed your soul and caused anyone who heard it to dance down the street. It made the NoLa’s atmosphere as unique as the cuisine.

On my third day I realized that the toe tappin’, movin’ and groovin’ atmosphere has slipped away. Don’t get me wrong, jazz is still there and in the air, but that unmistakable sound of zydeco is just a whisper.  I heard that whisper coming from The Krazy Korner on Bourbon Street.  Drawn in by the sound of a washboard being slayed; I heard  The Daywalkers.  This band was closest thing to zydeco I had heard the whole trip. I could have stayed and listened to them for hours, but I had to leave to position myself for the Mardi Gras parade that was winding itself through The Big Easy.  On my way out of the bar I did purchase one of their newly released CD’s.


listen here

Curious about the lack of zydeco in the city I asked the bellman at my hotel.  When I questioned him where it went he got a very pensive look on his face.  He slowly looked up at me and said that it had been years since  he had heard it abundantly in city. There was sadness when he realized it was round about the time Hurricane Katrina rolled through and darn near destroyed the city.  New Orleans suffered a great deal, I just hope that wonderful Cajun beat finds itself a home again in The Big Easy… I sure did miss it!