Confessions of…(#20)

of an empty nester cooking for one.

I am a bonified foodie.  Everyone of my close friends know this.  My pilot husband appreciates it.  Loves it!  He eats well!

My nest has been empty for little over two weeks now and I am struggling with cooking for just me. I find myself in a constant stage of grazing/snacking.  Not anything un-healthy, just grazing because I am not inspired to cook for myself.  In the past my efforts targeted my family. I cooked for them.  Now that it’s just me, I have no motivation.  I am moved to cook for my darling husband when comes home (18 days a month), but other than that…. nope!

Besides, cooking for one is HARD!  Especially when it comes to portions.  Have you ever seen a single serving sized can of tomatoes?  Yeah, me neither.  I see a lot of fresh produce in my future.  I’m currently looking at a pineapple, 2 apples, an avocado and a bunch of bananas on my counter.  I have a feeling now that my container of peanuts is gone I will have to cut up and eat some of that fruit….

Hope I figure this mess out soon. I can not survive on fruits and veggies alone!


So This Happened Today…Thanks to YOU!  

So, when I woke up and thought “Maybe I should start a blog” I couldn’t have done it at the worst possible time. I was in no position to do so. I was about to enter the busiest time of my life. Three major vacations (two international), moving my youngest off to her rental house at collage, and running the household all in a three month period. My schedule was INSANE! I flat out didn’t have time required to dedicate to a blog, but I did it anyway. More out of ignorance than anything else. I had NO CLUE what blogging required and I fully admit that I post more than I interact and reach out. Heck! I just feel accomplished if I publish a post. Most are written in haste. Including this one. 

When I first started I never expected to get these little “awards” that WordPress gives out. I never really expected anything. I picked my host because my daughter used them. I thought I would enter the white noise of the internet and go totally unnoticed. I never expected people to LIKE it, let alone FOLLOW me. I am humbled and a bit ashamed because I know I haven’t given you my best. My “Confessions” were the vehicle to reach out and show my underbelly . The real me. Just to connect, just to post something! Those post are actually the easiest to write. I take what I’m feeling in that moment and post it. It was/is a way to make this whole thing a habit. And Confession time, I think they have become my favorite posts! 

Oddly enough I haven’t really made any post, with exception of my first one about “The Pot”, that is remotely what I originally intended. I envisioned my blog to be food related. But then our travel started and I used it as a way to journal our adventures. I haven’t even shared HALF of those tidbits.  I hope to eventually.

Right now, I’d like to take the time to say “Thank you”. Thank you for showing an interest, thank you for the likes, the comments (there are a few…..whaaaaaaaaa!!!!…. I actually got some!) I have a few more weeks before I settle into my new normal as a retired lady a leisure! That is another blog post all together! However, once settled in I promise you will receive my best. I may even step out of the old comfort zone and post things I NEVER intended!!! Who knows? Just know that I appreciate the time you take to enter my little world and acknowledge my insanity. After all, this post wouldn’t exist without YOU!