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Just got back from a quick trip visiting friends in Quantico. Glad to be back in my little studio making a few more choker necklaces for Easter. Hope to get a pair or two of earrings completed as well! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Shop the latest photo from TasteOfMyCrazyLife on Etsy

Was gonna donate this a while back but instead I Up cycled this wall shelf. It was dark and tired. New coat of paint and new back panel, it’s ready for gift wrapping! Have more projects like this in the queue for the shop! 

I left this as is cause the recipient is artistic and wanted to leave room for her to add her own touches for her baby’s nursery. 

That wasn’t Supposed to Happen Y’all!

I had very clear intentions for this project.  VERY clear.  I knew EXACTLY what it was gonna look like when I finished it. 

An now! 

This happened…

Let the Good Times Roll

Mardi Gras Wall Hanging

Pictures rarely give good glitter justice, and this is good glitter. I knew this project was going sideways after I finished the first letter. I’m fairly certain I’m poppin’ the clutch and moving on with plan ‘B’.  Once I figure out what that is 

The only thing I know for certain is plan ‘A’ is no longer moot.  Just gonna have to let this guys talk to me and tell me how to proceed.  

Let the good times roll my friends!

Heidi 🌴 

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Didn’t see that coming!

I sold the only thing I had in my Etsy store.  Less than 2 hours after posting it!  I guess stepping out of one’s comfort zone can pay off!

I finished up another little project I had in the works.  It was fun to play around with the colors.  This chartreuse (light moss green) color isn’t my favorite, but I really like the looks of it.  If that color was in my color wheel I’d keep it!  But it’s not!  It will clash with everything in my closet!

I’ll be posting it in my Etsy store later today.

I am an Imposter

Or so my daughter says so. Actually, what she said was that I suffer from Imposter’s Syndrome. Either way I hesitate to call myself an ‘artist’. I hear the word and I imagine the likes of Monet, Van Gogh, da Vinci. I have always called myself “A kid with a crayon”. Primarily because when I sit down to create something I don’t always have a clear image in my brain of what it will look like. And even if I “nail it”, it never looks as good as I pictured in my head. (perfectionist talking) Doesn’t matter that it looks pretty good. I will always find flaws in my work. I am learning to let that go and just let my fingers create. Often my husband asks “Whatcha gonna make today?” Often, my answer is “Whatever, comes off the fingers.”

Island Girl Barrett

This barrette falls in that category. I love the look of burlap/jute and just about anything that sparkles, glitters, shines, or shimmers. Put all those together and it just makes me smile. I was playing with some polymer clay and knew that I wanted to mix all these colors and textures together. I used a brown polymer clay as the base and decided to dust it with pearl green pigment powder. Added the burlap, shells and coated the whole thing in liquid polymer clay. After the required bake time and cooling I coated the shells with a gloss top coat and applied a gold leafing wax to the burlap.
All of these products were new to me and I learned so much from the process. Ultimately I love the way it looks. The burlap reminds me of the bags of oysters I had seen growing up along the coast of Florida and Alabama. Shells always take me home to my beloved beach.
You can find the barrette for sale HERE in my Etsy store.
Thanks for letting me share a little of me with you! Have a blessed rest of the day.


This is handmade  for YOU! 

Casual Boho Beach Inspired French Clip Barrette

Ever get tired of looking for the right accessory?  For me personally, hair accessories fall in that category.   Very rarely have I found barrettes that I just love.  I present this one to you here.  It will coordinate great with the starfish earrings when you select the green color option at checkout. (Combine the order and save on shipping) 

It finally feels right! 

I think I finally found the perfect solution for this blog.  (Shameless promotion of my Etsy  Store )

Please don’t get me wrong, I still love food, drink, and all things travel.  It just didn’t feel right to blog about them.  I hated the time it took away from my adventures and husband (the brief time he is home).  I felt guilty if I didn’t post.  Hated that I felt that way.  But, now that I FINALLY listened to those in my close circle and opened the Etsy store and started brushing the dust off my beloved materials; it feels right!  I blog now to share what I really want to, not what I thought I wanted to.  I LOVE to TALK to people about food.  I have a hard time conveying my passion for food in the written word.  My art work can speak for itself.

So, I’m sorry that you followed this “food and travel” blog only now to have it shift gears.  I can’t promise that I will be strictly sharing my creations in this space. After all, travel greatly shapes our creative spirit.  I brought home a lot of it from Cabo on my recent trip there.  Made earrings because of it.  Matter of fact, several projects have been started because of my travels to Cabo. Travel= inspiration !

I hope you guys stay with me on this new journey of mine.  If you don’t I completely understand! You can’t say I didn’t warn you though…. I wasn’t kidding about the “Crazy Life” part 😜 !  Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!  Back to the studio for me.