It Doesn’t Look Like Much

I’ve been in some sort of limbo for about two years now.  I started this blog as a means to ‘find’ my old creative self.  It didn’t work.  Mainly because I’m not a writer, I’m a foodie and “artist” at heart.  The other day I was compelled to make a hair clip. I wear them a lot in the winter and couldn’t really find any.  Very long story short…. that 5 minute act of making that clip re-ignited a very old flame.  In the past I used to stay up long hours of the night making things… be it stained glass, clothes for my daughters, art for the house.  Didn’t really matter what I was doing, I would stay up burning the midnight oil, and I loved it.  Not sure when or why, but that came to a stop. 

This past summer I started experimenting with an art project.  I had the full intention of finishing that project once we relocated back home.  Then I realized how much of a mess it made and with winter closing in, doing it outside or inside was not an option.  I fell back into a slump.  Then came the clip.  A simple 5 minute project.  

I have pulled out supplies that have been tucked away for YEARS! I have made several more clips and my daughters, who have been telling me for years to open an Etsy shop, have finally convinced me to take the leap and open up that shop.  I am kind of apprehensive about it; I am so very critical of my own work.  I find the tiniest flaw in everything I do.  I will work on getting over that.  

But for now, I am back in my studio dusting off the cobwebs of  my artistic side.  It’s coming back, and it feels so good.  The other night I was dreaming projects.  Can’t remember the last time I dreamed creative dreams like that.  I have missed it, more than I thought.  I have an almost 12 foot craft table that has held ‘stuff’ for the last 10 years.  It’s about to get purged and cleaned off… This girl is back and ready to get back at it!  


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