Confessions of…(#20)

of an empty nester cooking for one.

I am a bonified foodie.  Everyone of my close friends know this.  My pilot husband appreciates it.  Loves it!  He eats well!

My nest has been empty for little over two weeks now and I am struggling with cooking for just me. I find myself in a constant stage of grazing/snacking.  Not anything un-healthy, just grazing because I am not inspired to cook for myself.  In the past my efforts targeted my family. I cooked for them.  Now that it’s just me, I have no motivation.  I am moved to cook for my darling husband when comes home (18 days a month), but other than that…. nope!

Besides, cooking for one is HARD!  Especially when it comes to portions.  Have you ever seen a single serving sized can of tomatoes?  Yeah, me neither.  I see a lot of fresh produce in my future.  I’m currently looking at a pineapple, 2 apples, an avocado and a bunch of bananas on my counter.  I have a feeling now that my container of peanuts is gone I will have to cut up and eat some of that fruit….

Hope I figure this mess out soon. I can not survive on fruits and veggies alone!


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