Storm Clouds are Rolling In!

Nothing soothes me more than to hear thunder rolling down my valley. I’ve had a crazy, busy summer and the stress started to show on me physically. My hair started to fall out. It would come out by the handfuls in the shower. I’ve had my hormone levels checked (mine tend towards the not-so-steady side of things) but the thought of the day is that this is situational and not medical (will know for sure when the results come back).  

Today is the first night in almost a month that I will be home on my couch as dusk approaches. I ate my dinner on my front porch being caressed by an oddly cool breeze. (It was almost 100* here again today) And then I heard it, off in the distance, that sweet, sweet sound…. distant thunder. It rolls down our valley sometimes seemingly endless. It’s like a soul massage. I can feel the pent up stress just flowing out of me.  

I’m home. 

I can exhale…

I can’t wait for the rain to start. To hear it on the metal roof. To hear the power of the thunder. To feel it. I love a good summer storm, and tonight I’m getting one! 


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