The Vortex

I had the pleasure of eating at this hipster joint in Atlanta this past weekend. Known for its burgers, I ended up getting the ruben. While I love a good burger, when I saw the ruben on the menu I stopped reading it.  Even though it is very entertaining in and of itself.  

For starters, its a bar. You must be 21 to enter so leave the kiddos at home. I can’t remember our waitresses name but she was extremely sassy. In a good, adult way. They have craft beers and a full service bar. I have to be honest, I wasn’t intending on making a blog post about it when my cousin told me about the restaurant. I was tired and stressed upon arrival and didn’t give the menu or decor my full attention. 

I CAN tell you that the restaurant-bar has a funky, eclectic decor including a skeleton riding a motorcycle. The feel is fun and funky. The food is delicious. My cousin ordered some funnel cake fries. Not sure if it came off the appetizer menu or dessert. I didn’t read the menu remember? But I can tell you this, they tasted just like a funnel cake and were served with a raspberry dipping sauce. They were shaped like french fries. I have no idea how they accomplished that. I can tell ya that they were cut, mostly likely fried, and dusted with powered sugar. I would order them again in a heartbeat if I was looking for a special treat. Heck let’s be honest. I may just try to make them. I have sworn off fried food in my daily diet, but these have the power to break that pledge. 

The ruben was just as fantastic. A nice marble rye, grilled perfectly piled high with corn beef and all the other fixin’s that make a ruben text book right. In the picture you can see I had tater-tots as my side. I have no regrets. They are my weakness, and I was weak. I did have a bite of the loaded potato salad. Lets start with bacon and sour cream. It had both mixed in with maybe some green onion. I wish I had paid better attention to the details so I could fully share them with you. But I can urge you to put The Vortex on the list of places to try. You really can’t go wrong.  

I will have to go back in the future so I can really take the time to appreciate this cool joint. It’s on the list of places I will eat again! 


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