Confessions of…(#15)

A stressed out newbie blogger.


While the last 8 weeks of my summer has been filled with adventures that 21 year old me never thought possible, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I’m stress out.  I told my darling husband at the beginning of summer that the thought of the schedule was overwhelming (two international trips, a 13 hour drive one-way trip that included a stop in my hometown.  All crammed into an 8 week period).  Well, yesterday, as I was literally dumping my suitcase to rifle through the contents (both clean and dirty) only to put half of the clothes back into the suitcase (both clean and dirty) I pretty much lost my shiiiii-nola. 
The stress of this summer schedule has finally gotten to me.  I completely lost it.  I don’t like me when I’m like this. It’s awful. I’M AWFUL!

      My house is a disaster.

While I’m no neat freak by any stretch, my house is tidy,I do know where things are.  I no longer know where things are.  When I return home from THIS trip (an unplanned, emergency trip tacked onto the front end of the planned trip to finish painting and finish giving my daughter’s collage accommodations the homey touch it lacks) I won’t know where anything is.  I have treasures from our vacations scattered EVERYWHERE. And because I had to drop what I was doing to tend to the “emergency” I will be coming home to chaos. I HATE coming home to an untidy house.

It’s wearing on my soul.

I need down time.  I need some peace to exhale.  I need to stop the merry-go-round and get the heck off.  I need to tap out.

I haven’t even had time to journal all the things I wanted to from our first trip back at the end of May.   As I type all this out I can feel the tension creeping into my shoulders.

I just want to sit on the balcony, enjoy the view, journal all the adventures we had, introduce you to this most wonderful cheese we found in England, but I can’t.  Not yet.  The stress is smothering my creativity and I don’t have the time to give those post 110%.  And all that does is add to my stress……. sigh.
So, I’ll leave you with the view that I’m trying so hard to enjoy knowing full well I won’t be able to exhale until the end of August. 


Is it too early for a rum drink?


7 thoughts on “Confessions of…(#15)

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I read your bio information and we have a tremendous amount in common.
      Married to a pilot, lived outside of Columbus, and I’m a personal fan of the Navy. I shamefully admit seeing the Blue Angels fly reduces me to having “fan girl” moments. I’m not a fan girl of anything….It’s embarrassing almost. But those jets…..!
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!


      • I replied late at night. Failed to mention that we no longer live in Ohio. We live in “The South” and I spend a good deal of time in Pensacola. Gotta watch those Blues practice when I can 😉
        Looking forward to getting back to the food aspect of my blog once life settles down a bit!


      • Shrimp and grits at the Oar House, I get mine without the veggies.
        Buffalo Blue oysters at Peg Leg Petes….get a Shipwreck while you are there.
        Joe Patti’s fish market…Not enough words.
        Every Tuesday night they have jazz at Seville Quarter. Gino Rosaria, go! You won’t regret it (if you like jazz). You will be the youngest in the room, but don’t let that stop ya!
        Can’t wait to hear about the nuggets you’ve found.
        Oh, also, Cajun Specialty Meats. I don’t usually do fried pork skins, but I do there. Nothing on the menu is bad. Do the boudin balls and the crab dip. So. Much. Yes!
        We’ve been coming to Pensacola for over ten years, loved it so much that we bought a condo. It is my second home!

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