Confessions of…(#10)

a girl who is beside herself.


I leave in three days for the Virgin Islands.  My husband and I will be kid free for 10 glorious days on a catamaran with old friends and new ones we haven’t made yet. 

I was born and raised on the Atlantic coast in the tropics, I know how cruel and unbiased the sun can be.  You may laugh at the amount of sunscreen I’m taking.  I’m convinced it’s not enough!  I plan on picking up some zinc oxide to add to the mix.  I have my hat and several long sleeve sun-blocking shirts ready to go in my bag.  I used to work in a pharmacy and I saw countless tourist walk up to my counter, tomato red.  I would ask if it was the first day of a week long vacation.  99% of the time I nailed it.  I will not be that tourist!  I will get more sun than I should, but I will not burn! Or at least that is the plan!
Can’t wait to share the photos and tales of our pirate like adventures!
If you have any recommendations of places to explore or fun dives (SCUBA or bar) to take advantage of please shout out.  I do love a good rum! 


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