You deserve an apology London!

Dear London,

You’ve been given a bad reputation you don’t deserve.   Every time I talked about our upcoming trip I heard the same warning.  “London has such bland food.”  To all you haters out there, you’re doing London all wrong!  We’ve been here almost a week.  Haven’t had a bad food experience yet, also our food budget has come in way under budget!  I give credit to several specific reasons.

1. Mini food marts everywhere!  Fresh fruit, deli sandwiches, nuts, mini packs of all kinds of veggie chips and drinks of all sorts ready to go. (Will post more in-depth on this later)
2. The Borough Market! OMG! I will let photos speak for themselves.

What this photo doesn’t convey is the SMELL. It’s overwhelming in a good way. I promise London, I will try my best to educate those that don’t appreciate what you do have to offer.
I WILL come back and spend a week at your markets and fully take in the bounty found there. I just wish I could take it all home with me.
Thank you London! I never thought I’d appreciate you as much as I do now!
Missing you already,

P.S. Dear Readers, I will be posting in greater depth about Borough Market later. You won’t want to miss it!


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